TDM Equalizers

TDM Design's 30GE-1 single 30 band and 30GE-2
dual 30 band graphic equalizers represent the
latest in state-of-the-art design and manufacturing
technology. Innovative electrical and mechanical
design concepts and implementation have resulted
in a superior product which preforms as a TRUE
EQUALIZER we mean that the position of the slide
pots will give the user a truer representation of the
actual frequency response than other units on the
market. This is made possible by using a unique
design which helps keep the center frequency from
interacting with adjacent bands. Less interaction will
allow faster room equalization since previously set
bands will be minimally affected by new adjacent

To aid in equalizing a room, three notch filters have
been added. Each notch filter has a band width of
1/6th octave for quick and easy elimination of feedback.
All of the slide pots have a 45mm travel to allow
precise tuning.

Precision High Slew-Rate, Low Noise operational amplifiers
guarantee the finest in sound quality and overall
electrical performance

The Model 30GE-1/2 is a system designed product.
You can use it either in a balanced or unbalanced
mode or in any combination thereof. Both XLR and
1/4 phone connectors are provided for ease of hookup.
A built-in high pass filter can be activated on any
of the inputs.

True Graphic Equalizer design.
Minimal interaction between center frequencies.
Constant Q filter design.
45mm slide pot travel.
Selectable 6 or 12 dB boost or cut.
Hard wire EQ bypass switch.
Selectable 18 dB/octave high pass filter.
Less ripple between center frequencies.
XLR and 1/4” phone connectors.
Balanced or Unbalanced inputs and outputs.





The 30GE-2 Features indipendent 30-band stereo and 3 adjustable notch filters per channel.



The 30GE-1 features 30-band mono equilization and 3 adjustable notch filters.



The 15GE-2 is an indipendent stereo 15-band equalizer.

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