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Model Description Price
24CX2 Stereo 2-Way Electronic Crossover $495.00
24CX2LIM Stereo 2-Way Electronic Crossover Limiter $520.50
24CX3 Stereo 3-Way Electronic Crossover $577.50
24CX3LIM Stereo 3-Way Electronic Crossover Limiter $617.10
24CX4 Quad 2-Way Electronic Crossover $594.00
24CX4LIM Quad 2-Way Electronic Crossover Limiter $646.80
32CL-2 Stereo Compressor/Limiter $453.75
32CL-4 Quad Compressor/Limiter $544.50
30GE-1 Mono 30 Band Graphic EQ with 3 Notch Filters $726.00
30GE-2 Stereo 30 Band Graphic EQ with 3 Notch Filters $1306.80
15GE-2 Stereo 15 Band Graphic EQ $726.00
OC-FF Option Card - Fixed Filter $45.37
OC-AP Option Card - All Pass Network $63.52
OC-PM Option Card - 2 Band Parametric EQ $90.75
LABOR Shop Repair Labor Rate $60.00




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