TDM Audio Repair
Terms and Conditions

All orders are COD unless you set up an open account. All COD purchases are given a 5% prompt pay discount. You may prepay with a credit card and receive the 5% prompt pay discount and not be charged the $7.00 COD charge. We can establish net 30 credit for those customers that have filled out our credit application and have been approved.

To provide prompt service all repairs must have a Return Authorization. All RA’s are good for 30 Days and subject to a $60.00 service charge. Our warranty terms are for one year from date of purchase this includes all units. Please send a check or credit card number with your repair and we will include shipping. Otherwise, they will be shipped COD and you will be charged a $7.00 shipping fee.

Return your unit to:
TDM Audio Service
9001 Canoga
Canoga Park, CA 91304

Questions? Email Service at or call our service department at 818-709-8700.






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